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So this is me! Like most, I’m not that keen on a getting my photograph taken, and always go for the usual smile and thumbs up to the camera!

I love getting out of my wee bubble now and again and go explore what our beautiful country has to offer, we’re so lucky that this in on our doorstep. I’m not married and don’t have cute wee dog, although a wee dog to go up the hills with would be pretty awesome – maybe someday soon!

I’m from the bonnie town of Forfar, not a million miles away from Scotland’s biggest national park, The Cairngorms. In the winter months, I love to go snowboarding, something I taught for a few years while travelling. Meeting new people every day was an amazing experience. 


Your wedding day is without doubt one of the most memorable days of your lives. Memorable for so many reasons.  Your closest family and friends will be there to celebrate with you, some of whom you may not have seen for years. My main focus and love for what I do is to unobtrusively capture the laughter, tears,  relationships and personalities there on the day. My approach page goes into more detail how I go about photographing your day. Please take a look!