Your wedding day is the most memorable day of your lives – A fun celebration with your closest family and friends. Your day is not a photo shoot with the same series of cliché photographs. 

It’s really important to me that I allow you to be you, capturing genuine moments as they happen throughout your day. Looking back over your photographs you want  to remember the feelings that you felt, with a photograph that’s genuine and truly talks to you. Photographs that show the true personalities that were there on the day. Small details are important, but not as important as marrying the love of your life surrounded by people closest to you. You really just want to celebrate and party.

Wedding photographer Angus Dundee fun relaxed natural documentary Aberdeen Edinburgh
Celebration - The moment after your married is a time to celebrate with your closest around you.
Wedding photographer Angus Dundee fun relaxed natural documentary Aberdeen Edinburgh
Creative - Capturing moments creatively is a big aim when photographing your big day. Here the bride signs the register while her father takes a photograph. His tartan trousers make the perfect frame

Being Creative

My main aim on your wedding day is to allow you the freedom to truly enjoy that precious time you have with one another. This also allows me to be as creative as I can throughout your day.  You won’t hear me shouting or herding you for photographs. I’d much rather picture the joy on everyones faces as they congratulate and celebrate with the two of you.

Wedding photographer Destination France Saint Florent le vail Dundee forfar documentary Scotland Barry Robb Photography
Relationship focussed - 3 generations 'preparing' for the big day ahead!

People Make Photographs

One thing I love is seeing the relationships between people and capturing that with a simple photograph. That’s why I love photographing weddings so much! People of all ages are there, young and old.  I enjoy seeing the interaction throughout the day. It can be anything as little as a look, touch or wee smile. By focusing on this, you get real and honest reactions and emotions. I also believe it tells a unique story to your wedding day. This is where my focus is and love for what I do. 

Capturing the moment

You want photographs that jump out and capture the moment. A moment where the persons true personality shines through. By capturing moments, the story of your day is told genuinely, making it very much unique to you. Moments captured  is what I do best and makes up around 80 % of your wedding album.

Wedding photographer Forfar Dundee natural documentary fun relaxed
Real moments - The reaction says it all as Michelle realises it one of her favourite horses "Jake" who will be taking her to the ceremony
Wedding photographer Angus Dundee fun relaxed natural documentary Aberdeen Edinburgh
Details in context - Sometimes unique situations, bring unique opportunities. This was the bride's mum's house the day of her wedding

Details in context

Capturing those precious details are important – goes without saying really! The way I challenge myself during your wedding day is to capture those details but put some real context to them.  This can be anything from watching your reaction the first time you see your flowers,  hanging your dress in the surroundings you got ready in or photographing your shoes as you walk hand in hand with your new partner in crime! I feel this tells a more unique story than taking a photo of just flowers or shoes on their own.

Keeping things simple

I totally get that the thought of having your photograph taken can be a nervous one! On your wedding day you want  to be able to relax at the thought of me pointing a camera at you. Pre – shoots are a great way in getting a feel for what to expect.  Now I would be lying to you if I told you I wasn’t going to give you a little direction. I like to keep things simple, turn and face one another is about as hard as it gets!  I want you to enjoy each others time at this point in the day, a time to really soak it all in, with the person that matters most to you. 

By giving you time to enjoy each others company it allows me to focus on what matters, showing you both as you genuinely are.  What I won’t be doing is putting you into those awful overdramatic arty poses, I won’t be asking you to place a hand here,  or gaze lovingly into one another eyes and certainly won’t be asking you to make any love heart shapes with your hands!

wedding photographer Forfar Angus Dundee relaxed natural fun documentary

A true talent and an absolute gentleman.

Julie and Gavin – 11th March 2017


Wedding photographer Forfar Dundee natural documentary fun relaxed

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