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Barry Robb

Scotland Wedding Photographer

Me, ‘Bill’ and our two kids. They are our world. When we’re not doing the daily chores we love getting out of our wee bubble – go exploring what our beautiful country has to offer. We’re so lucky that this is on our doorstep.

Having your own family naturally changes you. The way you see the world not only as a person but as a photographer too. My Family has completely given me that “why I love what I do” answer. My family has shaped me into the person I am and together, given me my vision of what I love about photographing wedding days.

Seeing family and friends come together to celebrate your wedding day – the hugs, tears, the characters you meet, you can’t beat it really! I am a huge believer in telling your story honestly, by watching and picking up on the relationships people have with you and each other. Through personality and expression so much can be told. Your day should be a perfect reflection of who you are, not only as a couple but as one family around you. Simply put, I want you to remember how you felt more than what you were directed to do.

"Family is the lifejacket in the stormy sea of life"

J.K Rowling

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Thank you for these incredible memories. You photographed our day exactly as we wanted – in the moment.

Sandi and Scott

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