Wedding Albums – The real value


You have put every thought into planning the most amazing celebration. You will most likely have had someone photograph your day – a friend or  a professional wedding photographer. It doesn’t matter who, but it matters what you decide to do with the images after.

In my opinion, and this is probrably shared with many people out there including some close friends and relatives of yours – a wedding album is the perfect storyteller. It’s the perfect storyteller for the simple fact of the way an album is designed.  We’ve been reading stories out of books our whole lives! An album can be a collection of images with both natural moments and pictures of your family, bringing the day to life again. Add to this, almost every professional printer and album maker has “lay flat” page spreads, meaning the whole story can be told seamlessly ( no pun intended! )

“It’s a story filled with happiness and sometimes regret that some loved ones who witnessed and shared the occasion are no longer with us. It is a family time capsule. It is only as we grow older that we look at these images with a sense of fleeting time – the time that has passed and the time ahead. Yet, the joy of the occasion is the constant that lives with us forever”. – Frances Wainright


This is the most likely reason why you hear people say, printing brings your story to life. The simple fact that you can physically hold it. When your friends and family come round ( after Covid ) they too will be able to hold it, see it and relive your day – sounds like a great excuse for a house party to me!  I could totally milk it at this stage and talk about feeling the weight and quality of the paper but I know you’ve got the idea on this one.



You might be thinking, why is he showing me pictures of an old, tatty ( sorry gran! ) 61 year old wedding album! A wedding album will stand the test of time. Certainly your lifetime, your children’s lifetime and your grandchildren’s. I could start talking about what an inspiration my grandparents are to me but all I am going to say is that yes, this book has almost certainly lived in a drawer most of its life, but the value of our family being able to show our children and tell their great grandparents story is truly a precious and priceless thing to be able to do.




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