Best 2017 unposed storytelling moments

This time of the year is always good for some reflection. A time to stop and look back over the year.  For 2017, I wanted to focus on more storytelling moments during wedding days.

What’s the difference between storytelling and story making??

Storytelling is when absolutely no direction was given – to be 100% in-obtrusive.

Story making is when you make a story happen – when you have to give some direction to create a particular look.  This can very quickly become a little awkward and in my experience kills the moment.

I’m a great believer that even though a wedding day follows relatively the same schedule throughout the day, each and every wedding is different, very different in fact! This is something I love and with each wedding comes new opportunity.

Now there is a ‘thing’ in the photography world at the end of the year where you choose your “best 9” ! I thought I’d do something a little different and share with you my ‘best 9’ unposed, storytelling moments.

I thought it’d be best if I told the story behind each image too, that way we may relate better to each image.


wedding photographer Oran mor Glasgow wedding day bride groom storytelling
Gavin and Laura’s September wedding at The Oran Mor. The venue lies in the heart of Glasgows busy west end. This was just as we were about to make our way over the road to find a quieter spot for some couple pictures. I managed to cross moments earlier. As Gavin and Laura waited, this gentlemen appeared out of nowhere! I just loved how he was going about his normal day as he waits patiently to cross the road. The contrast in clothing, the traffic light pole separating them perfectly. I don’t even think Gavin and Laura noticed him! A lucky once in a million shot, but one thats very much unique to any wedding day.
wedding photographer Angus Forfar The hemitage Dunkeld Barry Robb photography
The photo before the photo!-  This is the very moment before Pete saw his baby girl, Leanne for the first time in her wedding dress. I just love the feeling of suspense in this shot. The bridesmaids, Lynne and Laura, with their excited and almost concerned expression! Pete was a little nervous from memory! I also love how the stairs lead your eye up to Leanne’s dress. I just love this part of the day. It’s a time when you realise you are witnessing something special and it’s an incredible honour to be part of.
Capturing the moment!- Kevin and Claire’s summer wedding at the beautiful Kinnetles Castle. I love this shot for two reasons. 1. This was a complete surprise to Kevin and Claire as they shared there first dance. You can see how Claire fell backwards as The confetti cannons go off!
2. The memory I have from getting this particular shot now makes me laugh a bit! It took a wee bit of organising with the Kevin and Claires friends. It was agreed that the drummer of the band would do a funky drum beat and I can just remember everyone being so eager and ready for it! A picture of pure happiness and surprise right there!
wedding photographer destination France moments
Relationships – Most wedding mornings are quite hectic. There is quite a lot to do before the day. The morning of Baptiste and Mairi’s wedding day in sunny Saint Florent le Veil in France was no different. This particular shot is 3 generations all in one simple photograph. Mum and Grandma help each other with make up as daughter “gets ready” for the long day ahead!
Erwin and Joyce’s wedding day in the Netherlands was far from traditional but it was certainly one of the most emotional. This was the moment just after Erwin and Joyce shared their first kiss.
wedding photographer Angus Glasgow Loch Lomond natural storytelling moments
Speeches!- My favourite part of the day. You can just feel how happy everyone is in one room. With speeches I always aim to have the person speaking, and the person who the speaker is talking about in one shot. I feel it makes a much better storytelling image. In this case, Niel ( bestman and speaker) is telling one of his many stories about his good pal and groom, Kevin. Sara’s reaction is priceless. Good times and great memories.
wedding photographer Piperdam Dundee Angus natural Angus Barry Robb Photography Scotland
Moments before the ceremony – Emlyn and Kirsty’s ceremony at Piperdam in late September. At Piperdam it’s great how they draw the curtains open to allow father and bride walk down the aisle. It’s a tricky lighting situation but Kirsty’s beaming smile as they saw each other for the first time almost summed up the day perfectly. By keeping Emlyn’s kilt in shot, it makes the perfect storytelling shot and a particular favourite this year.
wedding photographer Glen Clova Angus wedding day Barry Robb Photography natural
Martin and Christina’s Glen Clova Wedding day. If you have never been to Clova – Please plan a trip! The stunning surroundings in the Angus Glens make it perfect and truly unique for couples wanting to explore the scenery around them. It’s a photographers dream!  Martin and Christina walk hand in hand over the bridge beside the ‘wee Kirk’. The trees adds a nice frame and I almost get the feeling they are starting their journey together, as man and wife. Its a very simple shot with no fancy flash lights – just natural light and scenery around them.
wedding photographer the woodlands brought ferry Dundee natural moments unposed
A picture that tells you everything you need to know – Bestman speeches can bring up some interesting stories.. None better that Barry’s during David and Maxine’s wedding day back in April. David’s mum, Kathleen’s reaction truly says it all!



So there you have it! My “best 9” unposed, storytelling moments. This was such a hard thing to narrow down! What was your favourite moment? Please comment below.


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